New website launch


Recently we have spent some time getting some improvements ready on our website – improvements that will make browsing and ordering online at Victory Design so much easier. We have listened to feedback from our customers and put in place a number of improved functions.


So, what will be changing?

Mobile friendly
The Victory website will be mobile friendly, so whether you’re working from the office, shop, sofa or on the go, you can place an order from your PC, tablet or phone.

Clickable colour swatches
All colour swatches for sign vinyl and garment film will be ‘clickable’, so you’ll be able to select the colour you require directly from the swatch, rather than scrolling through a long list of colour names.

Live quantity discounts

As you enter the quantity of a product you require, any available discounts will be automatically displayed, showing the savings you could make if you add a little more to your basket!

New products, offers and latest news

The new improved ‘latest news’ timeline will keep you up to date with anything and everything that is new here at Victory, including hints and tips, product launches and special promotions. Keep checking our homepage too for regular star buys!

Improved product information

We have updated much of the product information and images and included downloadable documents such as specification sheets and user guides where available.

The new website will be here within the next few weeks and we’re sure that the changes we have made will make your online buying experience quick, easy and enjoyable, but we’d love to hear your feedback. So, keep popping back and let us know what you think when we go live!


Avery cast digital vinyl bundle special offer

Avery MPI 1104 bundle offer


Avery Dennison® MPI™ 1104 Series cast films are gloss white, highly conformable, self-adhesive vinyls for digital printing. The films deliver great printability
and image quality. As part of the new generation Digital Cast Films, they cope easily with 3D challenges such as rivets and corrugations.

For a limited time only, we have a
special bundle offer which includes a roll of Avery MPI 1104 Easy Apply and a roll of Avery DOL 1460 (1370mm x 50m rolls) for only £764.50
– a saving of £204.50

CALL TODAY ON 01246 570570

OFFER PRICE: £764.50

Avery MPI 1104 video

Excellent conformability for demanding 3D applications

Stunning and reliable print results

Great outdoor durability for finished graphics: up to 7 years unprinted and 5 years printed*

Easy Apply technology gives faster and easier application

No additional installation techniques (e.g. primer/incisions) for surfaces with deep corrugations

Roll size: 1370mm x 50m

Call today on
01246 570570 or
 for your special bundle pack or
for more information about Avery MPI 1104 Easy Apply

We have a question for you…

easiMARK Quickpress

When time means money you need to know that you’ve got the best time saving personalisation products at your fingertips.

has been designed specifically with your time and money in mind.

easiMARK logo

Click here
to find out more about easiMARK Quickpress

More easiMARK Quickpress…

Pressed at a low temperature and in only 5 seconds, easiMARK Quickpress is one such product guaranteed to save you time and money.

Suitable for cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends, easiMARK Quickpress is a great all-rounder. With the added benefit of washability up to 60°C and
tumble drying at normal settings.

Buy online


easiMARK Quickpress

Press in only 5 seconds

PU composition

90 microns average thickness

Can be multilayered to create stunning designs

            Wash up to 60°C

easiMARK Quickpress image

For further information about easiMARK Quickpress please click
or call
the Victory team today on 01246 570570

Brand new Mercedes Sprinter Chapter 8 kit now available

Mercedes Sprinter kit now available

We’ve got it! The brand new Mercedes Sprinter Chapter
8 kit is now available at Victory Design.

As with all of our Chapter 8 kits, the new Mercedes Sprinter kit is available as standard, flood coated, flooded applied and magnetic versions.

You also have a number of coverage options – choose from full rear, full glazed and half rear.

Call today on
01246 570570 for your Sprinter kit

Available as:

Full rear

Full rear

Full glazed

Half rear

in these kit types:


Flood coated

Flooded applied


The brand new Mercedes Sprinter Chapter 8 kit…

Mercedes Sprinter Chapter 8 kit

The new Mercedes Sprinter Chapter 8 kit, as with all Victory kits, is supplied with each panel individually numbered. Each number corresponds to printed visual,
making it easy to see what goes where on the vehicle.

The kits are manufactured from 3M, Avery, Nikkalite and Orafol reflective and fluorescent products – the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Manufacturer logos

Need a different vehicle? See all available Chapter 8
kits online here >

Each kit has several kit types to choose from…

Kit options

standard kit has each panel separately cut with sections taped together for ease of application.

In the flooded kit, the fluorescent yellow is one large piece with separate reflective red strips to place over the top.

The flooded applied kit is the flooded kit, but we apply the red for you.

The magnetic kit has everything applied to magnetic sheets, ready to be used on the vehicle as and when needed.

Find your vehicle

For your new Mercedes Sprinter Chapter 8 kit (or any other kit!) call the
Victory team today on
01246 570570


We’ve updated our Privacy Policy…
As a valued subscriber of Victory Design Ltd, we would like to make you aware of some changes to our privacy policy.
As part of the GDPR, which came into effect on 25th May, we’re reminding you of the ways we use, store and keep your data safe.

Not much has actually changed, as keeping the data of our customers and contacts private has always been important to us. Having said that, you
can read our full Privacy Policy here
, where you can see exactly how it all works.

Introducing Avery VisiFlex V-8000

Avery V-8000 Series

Avery Dennison VisiFlex V-8000 Series provides striking reflectivity for emergency vehicles and any vehicle requiring superior high visibility markings.

We’ve now added this high quality product to our reflective range – available on the roll and also supplied as pre cut Chapter 8 vehicle kits.

Click here for further information >

Avery logo

Avery V-8000 Series

With 7 years durability (5 years for fluorescents), this reflective prismatic vinyl is a durable product which provides bright and vivid reflectivity
in both day and night-time conditions.

It has a solid metallic layer construction which does not need egde sealing, so saves time and money during conversion and application.

Suitable for safety and emergency vehicle graphics.

Call today on 01246 570570 or

click here to buy online >

Avery V-8000 vehicle livery


Avery V-8000 swatch

Product launch – Oralite 5400 reflective vinyl now in stock

Oralite 5400 product launch

Oralite® 5400
Commercial Grade reflective vinyl is available in 6 colours and can be used for a wide range of general signage.
Click here for more information >.

Find out more

Oralite logo

More about Oralite®
5400 vinyl…

Oralite 5400 swatch

5400 Commercial Grade are weatherproof, self-adhesive retroreflective films with a high level of flexibility and an excellent corrosion and solvent resistance. They are special cast PVC films with a smooth finish and high scratch resistance.

It has been specially developed for the manufacture of guidance and information signs which are intended for short-term outdoor use which require just
a minimum of retroreflection.

buy online

5400 Commercial Grade

Reflective film (RA1, A, 90 micron)

6 colours

4 years durability

For reflective information, direction and advertising signs

Good adaptability to uneven surfaces

High resistance to corrosion and solvents

Solvent polyacrylate, permanent adhesive

ECE104 reflective rolls for rigid and curtain sided vehicles

ECE104 reflective rolls

ECE104 tapes are used on trucks over 7.5 tonnes and trailers over 3.5 tonnes to improve visibility and increase safety on the roads.

Here at Victory Design, we stock tapes from two market leaders – Avery Dennison and 3M with options for rigid and curtain sided vehicles and tankers.
Click here to see all ECE104 tapes online >.

Buy ECE104 tape online

Avery and 3M logos

Avery Dennison Conspicuity Tape

Avery ECE104 tapes

Single layer construction does not require edge sealing

Easy application – initial repositionability which then creates a lasting bond

Provides exceptional all distance viewing at dawn, dusk and night

Approval marks are protected against abrasion ensuring continual compliance

buy Avery ECE104 tape online

3M Conspicuity Vehicle Marking Tape

3M ECE104 tapes

Fewer accidents means less downtime and reduced repair costs

Improve corporate image through being more proactive about safety

Easy to apply

3 years outdoor durability

buy 3M ECE104 tape online

How to choose the right reflective for your rear chevron kit

Choosing the right material for your Chapter 8 kit

Chapter 8 rear chevron kits are becoming more and more widely used, as fleet managers and companies with highways works vehicles grow more safety aware
and keen to comply with Chapter 8 legislation.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to know which material is the right one for the vehicle in question. In this guide, we aim to remove some
of the mystery and get you on the right track.

Step 1

Find out the make, model and year of manufacture of the vehicle.

Find your vehicle

Step 2

Next, you need to know whether the vehicle will be working on roads with a speed limit of under 40MPH or over 40MPH (including highways and construction sites). This will determine
which materials you have to choose from.
When you know this, simply use the guide below to choose which material.

3M logo 2

3M Engineering Grade provides better daytime and nighttime
brightness than glass beaded enclosed lens Engineer Grade.

Under 40MPH


3M Diamond Grade

3M Diamond Grade – 3M’s “full-cube” microprisms are nearly
100% efficient, retroreflecting almost all the light that strikes them.

Over 40MPH


3M Saturn Yellow

3M Saturn Yellow is a short life fluorescent calendered
film (250 µm), with a removable, pressure sensitive adhesive. 

Large divider

Nikkalite logo 2

Nikkalite Flexible Engineering Grade

Nikkalite® Flexible Engineering Grade is a flexible glass-beaded
retroreflective sheeting that renders retroreflectivity during darkness.


Nikkalite Crystal Grade

Nikkalite® Flexible Crystal Grade is a flexible microprismatic retroreflective
sheeting designed for emergency vehicle liveries.

Under 40MPH

Over 40MPH


Nikkalite Hi-S Cal

Nikkalite Hi-S Cal® Fluorescent vinyls offer high visual
impact and enhanced recognition in poor visibility.

Avery logo 2

Avery V-8000

Avery Dennison VisiFlex V-8000 Series offers durable, vibrant
daytime colours. At night, its bold, high-quality microprismatic retroreflective elements efficiently return light at a wide range of angles.

Under 40MPH

Over 40MPH


Avery fluo yellow

A yellow fluorescent cast film, which performs well and has great visibility in daylight hours.

Find your vehicle

Rear chevron Chapter 8 kits now available in Avery VisiFlex V-8000

Chapter 8 vehicle kits now available in Avery V-8000

Avery VisiFlex V-8000 Series provides striking reflectivity for any vehicle requiring superior high visibility markings, making it perfect for rear chevron

So, now we’re making all of our ready to apply Chapter 8 rear chevron kits available in this high quality microprismatic retroreflective product.
Click here to find your vehicle >.

Find your rear chevron kit

Avery logo and over 40 MPH

Ready to apply rear chevron kits are made from:

Avery V-8008 red

VisiFlex V-8008 red offers durable, vibrant daytime colours. At night, its bold, high-quality microprismatic retroreflective elements efficiently return
light at a wide range of angles.

Fluorscent yellow

Fluorescent Yellow
A cast fluorescent yellow film, which performs well and has great visibility in daylight hours.

find your vehicle

More about Avery VisiFlex V-8000…

Single layer construction does not require edge sealing.

Unique omnidirectional prisms not available in other products create high uniform brightness at night.

Easy to handle and apply, conforms to simple curves.

Withstands normal vehicle maintenance including pressure washing.

Many conversion possibilities: digital print, screen print and sign cut.

New colour in easiMARK Glitter Intense

easiMARK Glitter Intense Rose Gold

Christmas is nearly here, but we’re also eagerly awaiting another big day at Victory HQ – the day when easiMARK Glitter Intense Rose Gold will be ready to leave our warehouse! We’re so excited we’ve started taking pre orders!


easiMARK Glitter Intense is a high glitter finish, easy weed product which presses in just 15 seconds – click here to watch the video >


Call on 01246 570570 to pre order today.

Call me when in stock

easiMARK Glitter Intense video

See how easy it is to heat apply easiMARK Glitter Intense –
watch the video here >